Feedback: Rental costs on the rise

Feedback: Rental costs on the rise

Kelowna readers react to news that rents keep on going up in Kelowna

Readers of the Kelowna Capital News Facebook page reacted to our story on about Rental costs in Kelowna on the rise.

Tara Dawn:

I don’t blame the landlords, their costs have gone up too. We live in a city with lots of low-paying jobs available and no one wanting to or able to work for those wages and no place to live on what the median incomes here are.

Wages can’t go up without small businesses going under, property and interest rates are up so it costs more for homeowners to keep their houses and pay their mortgages, and it’s a seemingly endless cycle with no solutions being proposed by leadership at a the civic level or anywhere else. The only solution is to escape but we’re all trapped here in poverty to even do that. It’s like the black hole over here.

Debra Sawarin:

I blame the landlords somewhat. Some of them feel that their basement suite rental should cover the cost of their mortgage for the whole house. I think the fact that rentals go for so much money to summer tourists has given some landlords unreasonable expectations.

Amanda Hewson:

B.C. will suck people dry, its taxes that kill. People are leaving BC for better opportunities. It’s sad.