Rutland Middle School - Image Credit: Carli Berry/Capital News

Rutland Middle School - Image Credit: Carli Berry/Capital News

Feedback: What to do with Rutland Middle School

Readers on the Kelowna Capital News Facebook page chime in on RMS’s proposed move

Readers of our web site had the first look at a story about the school district proposing to move Rutland Middle School to a refurbished Quigley (page A19).

Here’s a few of their reactions:

Cheryl Chilton:

Sounds like it would be easier to build a new school although I’m sure costs for that have gone up too. Always problems and surprises when trying to fix up an old building. Start fresh we’ve waited long enough.

Doug Mehus:

Not a bad move. Building new middle and high schools is so expensive. That’s why I hope they’ll make George Pringle a secondary school again in West Kelowna. Buy up the vacant, derelict IHA land and build a new elementary school to replace it. If West Kelowna needs a new middle school too, then either build an addition to Helen Gorman and transfer Glenrosa Elementary students there and make Glenrosa Elementary a middle school renamed Upper Glenrosa Middle School, or add an addition to Glenrosa Middle.”

Chance McCoy:

Right idea. Wrong spot. Gotta have it in upper Rutland closer to the current building.