Focus journalistic pursuits on street light issue

I have a firm understanding that the Capital News wants to find ways and means to boost their readership.

To the editor:

I have a firm understanding that the Capital News wants to find ways and means to boost their readership.

On this note, quite some time ago, your newspaper found the opportunity to do this with a person nicknamed The Jedi Knight.

This person wanted to ride his bicycle on the sidewalk in the downtown area. It’s against the law but the reporter writing the story seemed to like the idea of trying to change this law.

The city has put thousands of dollars in bicycle lanes, yet the reporter felt it important to allow bicycles on the sidewalks, sidewalks that I have the right to walk on.

Many bicyclists have learned that I don’t give way on the sidewalk and I’m still young enough to enforce this opinion. They moved, not me.

But it’s getting scarier to walk on the sidewalks for fear that a bicyclist will attempt to force you off to the nearby curb, grass or fence. I blame the Capital News for this.

If you want to take up an issue and get readership involvement, why not take the opportunity to learn what the needs of the city residents of Kelowna are? I would dearly love to be able to drive through more than two traffic lights without having to stop.

I follow the speed limit, I stop at the large thick white line at stoplights, and I don’t sneak forward hoping to make the light change faster.

But why not take up the issue of traffic light timing in our wonderful city? Let the provincial government controls the light timing on Highway 97 and Highway 33, but let’s time our lights under city control to do that.

As long as we are doing the speed limit and not during rush hour, we should be able to travel through a couple of lights and save on our brake pads and gasoline consumption.

I have also gone through the red light camera at Springfield Road and Dilworth Road and had it take a picture of me.

I know this because the camera did a flash for the car that was beside me which sped up to go through the yellow light and it flashed again for me.

I did not speed up, and yet the camera flashed for me.

I studied this and realized that this yellow light was down to less than two seconds for traffic.

Three phone calls about this unfortunate mistiming of the yellow light and three weeks of waiting for my ticket that never came made me realize the city is using this red light camera to generate income and not to necessarily catch people breaking the law.

I do know that the city does adjust all light activations to the large white line.

You really must stop prior to this line to activate the lights.

I have had the pleasure to meet with city employees who look now like their intent is quite honourable.

Keith Moore,


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