Former Sun football player chastised for public criticisms

I write today in reply to Mike Crumb’s letter dated March 18th (How Will Sun Football Club Changes Make It Better?) about how Sun football will get better.

To the editor:

I write today in reply to Mike Crumb’s letter dated March 18th (How Will Sun Football Club Changes Make It Better?) about how Sun football will get better.

I don’t write many letters to the editor but Mike, I will make an exception here.

I am very amazed that your letter got printed to begin with. This is a complete character assassination on every person within this organization that puts in hundreds of volunteer hours all year long. Long, Congdon, Roberts, Ettinger, Weiss, C. Wynsouw, R. Wynsouw, Lindsay, Winsby, Varley, Hetherington, Scott, Henderson, Zaron, Lang, Smith, Warawa and Adams just to name a few.

There are three past presidents and many prominent businessmen in our community on the board of directors who made this decision and not Howie Zaron.

Your entire letter is a slam against the very organization that provided you and your brothers with an environment to hone your skills just so you can have a career in the CFL. Then to sign the letter “Sun and CFL alumnus” is unbelievable. Are you telling me you have the support behind this letter of other Sun and CFL Alumnus? (Editor’s note: alumnus is the singular, alumni the plural.)

I didn’t think so. I know Pete is a good friend of yours, Mike, and I think he is a great person and I personally thank him for all his past efforts, but if you really need to know what transpired then maybe you should get both sides of the story before you attack a great community volunteer organization in the newspaper.

This organization continues to strive to be the very best and provide a place for our young kids to play football, receive an education through our scholarship program so they can move on to higher levels and become great ambassadors to our team and the City of Kelowna.

Every negative word and concerns you wrote was discussed at length before the “board” hired the new coach and was done with great discussion and deliberation. Every member on that board had input with all aspects and consequences discussed.

We are sorry to see three of our assistant coaches leave us and thank them for all their past efforts but this is, and never will be, about any one individual. For you to slam coaches that are coming here to assist in our program is ludicrous. You know nothing about them and they are coming from the Prairies. Last I checked Howie never coached in the Prairies.

These are fine individuals who just want to help us win a national championship.

Myself, I have had a couple of disappointments with the Sun in the past but I discussed it with people, sucked it up and ‘man’d’ up to the situation and moved on without printing letters to the editor. Why? Because I believe in the organization and the passion is greater than the personal need or issues.

So, your right Mike, the pressure is on.

However, the pressure is on everyone, starting with the ball boy and working its way up to the president and everyone in between. That means trainers, coaches, sponsors, board members, volunteers, fans and finally the players.

Together everyone achieves more. “Loud and proud “

What have you done for us lately?

Proud supporter of the Okanagan Sun and member of the Board,

Ray Wynsouw,



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