Forsstrom: Feel free to promote candidates

Strata residents are allowed to display election material, but as all things involving stratas there are conditions and rules to follow.

Dear StrataScene: I live in an apartment style strata complex and wanted to know if I’m able to display an election sign for the current federal election campaign?

Yes, strata residents are allowed to display election material, but as all things involving stratas there are conditions and rules to follow.

Section 322 of The Canada Elections Act provides that no condominium corporation, or any of its agents, may prohibit the owner of a condominium unit from displaying election advertising posters in his or her unit.

However, the corporation may set reasonable conditions relating to the size or type of advertising that may be displayed on a private strata lot, but can prohibit advertising from being displayed in common areas of the building.

Before displaying elections signs, strata members should check with their bylaws to determine if any conditions exist.

Furthermore, with apartment style condominiums it is often unclear where the demarcation is between a strata lot and common property.

Generally, in an apartment style complex, the envelope, or exterior of the building is common property and limits the areas for electioneering.

While the outside surface of the window is common property it should be safe to display the poster on the inside surface.

Hanging banners and signs on balconies and exterior walls would probably invite bylaw violation complaints citing the alteration of common property with permission.

Few issues in life evoke as much passionate debate as do politics and religion. And this situation can easily be intensified when individual rights and strata rules compete within the condo community.


The Waste Reduction Office has decided to hold an open house specifically designed to inform strata corporations and strata managers how to comply with the recycling rules and avoid being fined.

It was recently announced that wide spread abuse of the rules has reached the point where waste material is being inspected at the Kelowna land fill to identify violators.

Fines will be levied against garbage haulers who have indicated they will pass them along to the offending condos.

The open house will be held April 26 at the Center for Learning Atrium at Okanagan College between 2 and 5 p.m.

Coffee and doughnuts will be provided.

StrataScene is intended for general information purposes only. Gunnar Forsstrom is a licensed Strata Manager with Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty.



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