Forsstrom: New CHOA office in Kelowna likely to be a busy place

Armed with a good sense of humour and a suitcase full of experience, Bill Miller is well equipped to deal with the demands of providing advice to the strata community.

Armed with a good sense of humour and a suitcase full of experience, Bill Miller is well equipped to deal with the demands of providing advice to the strata community.

As the new Kelowna-based representative for the Condominium Home Owners Association of B.C., Miller is daily called upon to serve up solutions to solve a myriad of issues.

“Nobody calls me up for a game of golf,” said the affable Miller.

Indeed. Almost all of the calls to the recently opened Kelowna CHOA office have more to do with headaches, hassles, problems, conflict and the intricacies of complex strata legislation, than enjoying a round on the links.

Signifying the emergence of Kelowna as B.C.’s condo capital outside of the Lower Mainland, the city was chosen as the location for a full-time office last fall to service the Interior after years of a part-time presence in Penticton.

Miller has 20 years experience as a strata owner, council president, strata manager, past member of CHOA’s board of directors and previous president of the provincial organization. And he’s also a leaky condo survivor.

“I love the job,” he said, unable to conceal the passion he brings to the office. “Often emotions get in the way and I remain professional to assist to resolve conflict and get business done.”

Despite his humourous disposition, it is clear that Miller takes a no nonsense approach to the business.

The Strata Property Act does not provide for any easier mechanism to deal with condominium conflict outside of appealing to the Supreme Court of B.C. or arbitration.

The province is currently reviewing alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. However, it is not known what that would look like until the regulation is drafted.

CHOA is a non-profit association that promotes the understanding of strata property living and the interests of strata property owners by providing advisory services, education, advocacy, publications and support for its members.

Its mandate is assist members, and the strata industry, to ensure strata living is a positive experience.

Membership in CHOA is available to any residential or commercial strata corporation (or individual Owner).

Strata corporations may be mixed commercial/residential, high-rise condominiums, leasehold stratas, townhouses, bare land stratas, duplexes, or any variety of strata corporations under the current legislation in B.C.

If a strata corporation is a member, anyone who owns a unit within the corporation may access the services of the Association.

All member council members and owners may access CHOA’s advisory services, publications, the CHOA journal, resources, seminars and workshops at reduced member costs.

Non-member corporations or owners may also access these services.

At the conclusion of our meeting, I asked Miller if he’d like to play a round of golf.

“You know I don’t even play golf,” he said with a smile.

And by the sounds of it he won’t be taking up the game any time soon.

Bill Miller can be contacted at 250-868-1195.

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