FourChange wants gov’t of only the like-minded

Re: Lobby Group Wants to Defeat Four Incumbent Councillors, Sept. 16 Capital News.

To the editor:

Re: Lobby Group Wants to Defeat Four Incumbent Councillors, Sept. 16 Capital News.

I am curious about who endeavours to inspire with such a vague web site. states: “It’s time for ordinary people to step forward and speak for a new direction.”

First of all, who are ordinary people? When criticizing these four public officials, don’t forget that they were elected by your fellow citizens because some, in fact many, of your fellow citizens believe in what these people have to say.

It sounds like you want everyone on the council to share your values but there is no mention of what these values are, not to mention who you are. The message you are sending is that, if someone doesn’t share your values, they shouldn’t have a say. History shows us that nothing good has ever come from this mentality. That said, if you have legitimate and specific grievances with these people they should be voiced on your website so your followers and would-be followers can make informed decisions.

Secondly, are you sure it’s a new direction you want and not an old one? Because, it appears that you are attacking the councillors who are bringing new ideas and approaches to the table. From what I understand, at least a few of the four people that you are criticizing are advocating for more thoughtful, functional, and enduring projects in our city. Things that are worthwhile take time, especially when they contravene the status quo.

Fourchange states that delays in decision-making are harmful to the economy. Well, one can also argue that hasty and unbalanced decision-making is harmful to the economy. In the past, we’ve been far too hasty in making decisions, in order to realize short-term economic gains.  Often these mistakes are virtually irreversible, precipitous of more bad decisions, and they affect the health and economic prosperity of cities in the long-term.

There is evidence of this all over our city. One example is the rampant lakeshore development that has impacted half of the entire shoreline of Okanagan Lake and directly contributed to the population crash of the kokanee, a fish of significant local economic value.

But this single example not only affects fish and fish enthusiasts, it affects the part of the community that uses water from the lake and that’s a fair number of people. It also contributes to global warming, a very serious threat to economic prosperity.

Kelowna rode the gravy train for the better part of the last decade, its time to come to the sobering reality that we no longer have the resources to make hasty decisions that affect our future. When we make hasty decisions for short-term economic gains, we are harming ourselves, our planet, and we are stealing from our children and future generations.

Melony Catana,



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