Grinch stole Kelowna Christmas

Literally, the Grinch came to my house Dec. 2 and stole Christmas.

To the editor:

Literally, the Grinch came to my house Dec. 2 and stole Christmas.

He didn’t get the presents locked in my house but, nevertheless, the Grinch stole my Christmas.

He emptied an upright deep freeze, all our entire meat and yes our turkey and the New Year’s dinner. The Grinch left the freezer door open too, just to ruin what he didn’t take, only inches away from my back door.

He got in a locked tool shed, inches away from my back door.

He then came up three stairs to my back door where in a box was my Christmas tree and a box of decorations. Yes, the Grinch took the tree just like he did to Cindy Lou’s family in Who-Ville.

I watched the movie yesterday and I hate the Grinch.

At this special time of year charities are going full-bore collecting donations of food and money, raising dollars for food hampers to be distributed by the Food Bank to hundreds of families. I always donate to Kelowna’s Food Bank, but I can’t this year and that makes me sad.

I’m ready for Christmas this year and I feel in my little way I’m Christmas every day. But this year Christmas came early with a big twist. His name is the Grinch. He walked down the road with our Christmas decorations the tree and food all in the green bin, with a car waiting so they could reload again at the house next door.

This must be a crack head Grinch because he was very brazen to come back and break into my car 20 feet away from my back door (I actually measured it).

This time I saw the Grinch in my car, four doors open, packing all he could in backpacks and yes, he has a partner in crime. Two Grinch’s to steal Christmas working well together and when they need more crack or their next big fix the green bin Grinch’s will be back in our driveways for more to be taken to fuel their disgusting habits.

You want to rehabilitate these people? These Grinch’s don’t want your help. They are crack heads that will keep taking away from my Christmas and ever so more from the Kelowna Food Bank.

So, Merry Christmas from a lady with a higher power. Maybe God wanted you to have my food but all you had to do was ask politely and you could get what you need, not what you want. Merry Christmas to all the crack heads in Kelowna.

PS: All I want for my family is what Cindy Lou from Who-Ville got for Christmas. She got her family back, the tree, the food and all the decorations—the Grinch came for dinner and carved the bird.

Elaine Staton,



Kelowna Capital News