Guest usher given a pat on the back

As soon as we entered (Prospera Place), we were greeted by the most delightful, caring person.

To the editor:

Ever since Prospera Place opened, formerly as Skyreach Place, in May 1999, I have been going to events at the centre.

My mother and I would go together and since she had a walker, she would need special assistance.

As soon as we entered the building, we were greeted by the most delightful, caring person who gave each guest a genuine smile as he brought us to our seating area.

During the events, he would come and check with us to ensure we were comfortable.

Prospera Place should be very proud to have this wonderful person, Gerry Gagnon, as their guest services associate.

I was so grateful for his genuine service he gave my mother and I, and I’m now expressing my gratitude for the wonderful service we received from this special person.

We are regular visitors to Prospera, and every event we go to Gerry is dashing around, smiling and waving at everyone as he never seems to forget a face.

There must have been many times over the years where hurdles were placed before him, but Gerry always seemed to have the most upbeat and positive attitude and pass that on to each person he spoke with or helped.

I want to thank Gerry Gagnon for the wonderful, sincere service he has given to each guest he has helped over the many years he has worked for Prospera Place.

When a person shares so much kindness and genuine service, their commitment should be acknowledged.

Lynne Forlin,



Kelowna Capital News