Hard work of councillors taken for granted

To the editor:

To the editor:

Yikes Mr. Tansem!

Okay, so you don’t have a dog, neither do I—yet. But before you throw around crazy accusations toward individual council members and their personal job histories, perhaps you should educate yourself. (‘Red faced over time spent on doggie parks,’ Feb. 4 letter).

Tansem wrote: “…all are there for the money—not the community.”  Take a quick look at the “Connect with your Councillor” link on the city’s website.

I lost count of how many committees many of these folks sit on—without pay—to help support our city’s quality of life, to give voice and strength to groups that would otherwise and likely get lost in the political wind. See how many hours this takes. What have many of our city councillors done for their city lately? More than you I’d bet.

If you were also to study a little bit more you’d also see that our Economic Development Commission and the city are working creatively to attract more youth to the Okanagan.  

And yes, Mr. Tansem, dog parks and a ‘pet-friendly’ environment attracts young, working professionals who, by large percentage, have dogs. 

Mr. Tansem, perhaps you should get a dog and visit a dog park. Maybe you’d meet some nice people who’d help open your mind.

Darci Sellers, Kelowna