Hello government: It’s me–taxpayer

I am the person who you deduct a portion of my wages from each paycheque every two weeks.

An open letter to all political parties:

Hello my name is Scott, and I would like to re-introduce myself to you.

I am a taxpayer.

I am the person who you deduct a portion of my wages from each paycheque every two weeks. You also add a percentage to every purchase I make from any business that I choose to shop at.

I do so willingly, with the understanding that you will use this money to provide me with the services that I need to go about my daily life.

I am not here to provide your union membership with the highest wage possible, nor am I here to provide your business buddies with as much profit as possible. I am not a cash cow for either of you.

I fully understand that people who work for the government, or any employer, need to make a liveable wage, and that an employer needs to make a profit to stay in business, but you are not the average employer. You work for us.

We have entrusted you to look after the best interest of all of us, and it is time that you started to do just that.

I do not believe that the management of any government department should receive a bonus for successfully doing the job that they were paid to do in the first place. If a bonus should be paid, it should be paid to the person or persons who found a way to deliver that same service at a savings to us.

I also do not believe that any union should be able to hold hostage the very people who pay their wages in order to get an increase at a time when no one else in the private sector can expect the same.

That being said, I can and will accept that some areas of our public services have been under staffed. One need only make a visit to any local hospital to see this first hand.

I used to think that you should be running our government like a business. You know—get the most bang for the buck. But now I realize that you need to run it like a non-profit organization, because that is what it is.

You are a collective group of people who have been hired to provide us with the services we require, and it should and can be done without a profit or loss.

I do not profess to have any of the answers to these problems and I know that nothing is going to change overnight but it would be nice if you started looking out for us for a change, instead of yourselves.

Scott Hampson, Kelowna