Hodge: ALS walk set for June 18 at Waterfront Park

Not sure exactly what happened but somewhere between my cyber space and the Capital News, the date for an event got screwed up.

Not sure exactly what happened but somewhere between my cyber space and the Capital News, the date for an event got screwed up.

The eighth annual Okanagan Walk for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) will take place next Saturday, June 18, (not this Saturday) starting at Rhapsody Plaza in Kelowna’s Waterfront Park.

It appears that I made a typo and typed in June 8 then someone in the edit room thought I meant June 11—but in fact this very important fundraiser is set for June 18.

The rest of the details are as follows and (hopefully) are accurate.

ALS is a rapidly progressive neuromuscular affliction that causes a patient’s brain to lose the ability to send messages to the muscles.

Eventually, those with ALS lose the ability to walk, talk, eat, and ultimately, breathe on their own although their cognitive abilities remain fully intact.

Registration starts at 9 a.m. with the walk at 10 am.

For more information call Gerry McNeill, walk coordinator, at 250-764-0120 or 250-870-1638.


I’ve met some interesting people the last few months on Friday afternoons and would love to meet you if you are so inclined.

Every Friday for the past year and a half, I have sat at the Grateful Fed Restaurant/Pub between 1:30 and 3:30 p.m. to openly meet with residents and discuss city issues.

Most of the time Fed owner Kamel Abougoush gives me a worse time than anyone else—but it’s okay because his staff are nice and the soup is to die for.

Recently, I had the chance to rekindle with some long lost friends, including my childhood friend Dan Thiessen.

He hasn’t shown up the past few weeks though and I am not sure if it’s because he has learned that I have nine yards of dirt I am moving by shovel in my driveway or if it’s because his beloved Habs are toast in the playoffs while my two favourite clubs, Vancouver and Boston, are doing the final dance.

With summer on the doorstep, I am looking forward to seeing who else shows up for Friday afternoon chats.

If you want to yell and scream at someone, come on down. I’m kind of getting use to it. (More than two dozen years in journalism prepares you for just about anything in life).


Speaking of hockey nuts, I am looking forward to July 1 with some mixed feelings.

Habitually, I have attended the local Canada Day celebrations and thoroughly enjoyed the day. But this year,  we are off to Vancouver Island for a real special celebration.

My dear friend Howie Meeker was recently named a recipient of the Order of Canada and will be celebrating that honour at his house on Canada Day.

I’m looking forward to seeing my pal and his lovely wife Leah, along with my many Vancouver Island friends in the Parksville and Qualicum Beach area.

Unfortunately, it means my dog Teddybear and the menagerie of cats will have to celebrate Canada Day with Yves, my house sitter, instead of Tez and I. (Easy on the treats Yves—the dog is already too overweight).



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