Hodge: Being submerged at Wood Lake

Spent a fabulous long weekend tenting at Wood Lake, an annual migration for us.

So, what colour is my red face? Two weeks ago I foolishly suggested that Tez and three lifetime friends who came to visit, (Rose, Mary and Marlene), went to John Oliver High School in Surrey.

Dumb or what?

John Oliver High School is in Vancouver, not Surrey.

I have no lame excuse for such a foolish blunder; however, I am going to play the, ‘I’m from the Okanagan—so why would I know the difference betwixt the two?’ excuse card.

I aptly recognize from the series of ‘how stupid are you really’ lectures by Tez, and a few ‘how dumb are you/is your husband?’ emails from readers and others, that I screwed up. Of course, John Oliver High School is in Vancouver, not Surrey.

Any idiot (ahem) knows that.

Hopefully Tez will now forgive me, and her friends will talk to me again. In addition, hopefully it will now be safe for me to travel in Vancouver and Surrey again.


Speaking of visiting with friends, Tez and I had a fabulous long weekend tenting at Wood Lake, an annual migration for us.

Our dear friends Annie and Rod Bell have hosted a summer gathering and BBQ on their property for many years and the weekend has actually become a reunion of sorts for many folks.

As usual, all kinds of characters travelled from various parts of the province to take in the festive summer fun again this  year.

Next to Osoyoos Lake, I’m sure Wood Lake is one of the warmest in the country as I spent the better part of three days submerged.

Teresa and I returned begrudgingly home after the wonderful time and can’t wait for a repeat of the fun next year.


I know I’m starting to sound like the summer social convener again; but there’s a lot of great things to check out over the weekend and little space left to tell you about them.

Here’s some stuff I like.

Taking place this Saturday will be the fourth annual Medieval Fair at Camelot Wines, which totally intrigues me.

The winery is a wonderful place to visit and the medieval dress up day makes a trip there that much more unique.

So put on some medieval garb and venture out to the winery for some old time fun from 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

You can watch sword fights, archery contests, artisans, and general revelry usually reserved for the Middle Ages era.

Another event this Saturday is the Block Party in downtown Kelowna.

The Downtown Kelowna Association will host the event, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., enjoyable family fun from start to finish.

This event will showcase all that is good about our downtown—superb shops, places to dine or enjoy a refreshment, quaint shops, bakeries, theatre. A significant part of the whole concept for the Bernard Avenue revitalization was to create a welcoming, warm, vibrant and exciting feel to the entire downtown business sector. The Block Party is the perfect venue to showcase the new look.

Also upcoming is Uptown Rutland Business Association’s Summer Network 9 and Dine, at the Black Mountain Golf Course. The event is a social as well as a nine-hole golf tournament, and takes place Thursday, Aug 22, starting at 5:30 p.m.

For more contact info@uptownrutland.com or phone 250-451-9861.


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