Hodge: Columnist’s attention span absorbed by Facebook bug

I have fallen prey to the allure of Facebook and its various addictions and idiosyncrasies.

Akin to many Canadians, I have fallen prey to the allure of Facebook and its various addictions and idiosyncrasies.

I generally tend to visit the online communication magnet on a casual basis, although I admit to more frequency of late.

The special draw for me, like most readers, is the ability to reconnect with names and faces from my past.

I am pleasantly (most of the time) boggled by regularly discovering old familiars that I had long forgot or lost track off.

Over the past year, I have reconnected with numerous former elementary and high school buddies, girlfriends, sports teammates and opponents, relatives…I admit it has been a whole lot of fun.

Last week, someone on my ever increasing ‘friend’s list’ posted an interesting question, which I gather had been previously posted on other chat places in the past.

The discussion point was to add to the sentence, “You know you are from Kelowna when you remember…”

Watching the voluminous barrage and variety of answers that pour forth has truly been a full-fledged wander down memory lane. Nostalgia to the max.

I’ve had so much fun reading the comments as they popped up that I thought I would gather a bunch of them together here for you to enjoy as well.

You know you are from Kelowna when you remember:

• When Okanagan Lake froze over.

• Walk home from the beach and pick and eat all the fresh fruit off the fruit trees that seemed to be everywhere back then

• The Blue Angels shattered all of Kelowna’s windows downtown during Regatta!

• Tobogganing at the Kelowna Golf Course at night

• The Tasty Freeze on Pandosy, where the Sports Rental is now

• Teen disco on Pandosy

• Diving (jumping) off the top of the Athen’s Tower in City Park

• Fries and gravy at Seven Seas after diving off the three-metre Athen’s Tower all day

• The original Eldorado Hotel

• Wenniger’s Post House on Kirschner, where the OK Corral is now. (Ronnie Prophet shows there)

• When warm up act Gary and Dave upstaged The Stampeders at KCT in the ’70s

• Bucky Owens, Gene Carr, Tad Campbell, Archie McKinnon, Butch Deadmarsh, Blair Chapman and other members of the Kelowna Buckaroos hockey team

• Sing’s Restaurant

• Kelowna’s China Town

• When the Capri Hotel was the edge of town

• Tramps

• Driving though the KVR as opposed to walking/riding. Driving across the trestles was a true adventure


• To get to Rutland from Kelowna meant two highways to get there. There was no Springfield connector at Ziprick. You got to Ziprick and had to go all the way to 33, then 97. And what was with ‘Ziprick’? That’s a name teenagers had fun with

• The Cordingly Brothers Christmas show on CHBC. They dressed like elves and answered mail. Funny stuff!

• Flintstones, BedRock City

• The Drive In, Porco’s Pool Hall, Sid’s Supermarket (the store with the polka dots)

• Roller Rec

• DoDo McLaren’s Doughnut factory on Truswell Road

• The Hochelega Garden Party

• The Cornucopia on Highway 33 and mini-golf on the corner of Highways 33 and 97

• Kokanee Bowl, The Sports Page, The Cave, The Silver Spur, The Music Box, Long’s Drugs Store, The Dairy Queen on Bernard where Safeway is now

• Bands: Strange Movies, Nigel B, Ball and Chain, The Silvertones, Bugly Brookfield, Shadowfax, Argus Flyer

• The original post office and the original Royal Anne Hotel

• The Colony, Jonathan Seagull’s

• The Matchbox (Royal Trust building where Kerry Park is today)

• Christmas Tree Pete, ‘Fast’ Eddie Pugliese, Smoking Jack, Billy the Clown, Dick Parkinson.

The memory lane list goes on and on.


Jazz music fans will be thrilled to hear amazingly talented Sibel Thrasher will come to Kelowna on Oct. 26.

Thrasher is performing her ‘Tribute to the Vocal Beauties of Song’ at the Kelowna Community Theatre on a one-night only performance.

Thrasher is an amazing vocalist boasting a four-octave vocal range and a dynamic stage presence.

Her terrific stage show will include tribute songs from past superstars Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, Lena Horne, Mahalia Jackson and Ella Fitzgerald.

Songs will include hits like Tain’t Nobody’s Business, All of Me, Stormy Weather, Good Morning Heartache, Wonderful World and more.

Thrasher will perform in front of an outstanding four-piece all-star band, consisting of Doug Louie on the ivory keys, Henry Young on guitar, Paul Blaney on bass and Christ Nordquist at the drum kit.

Jazz fans will attest that Thrasher is already a star in her own right.

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, she currently resides in Vancouver and has tremendous success as both a singer and actress.

She is already a member of the B.C. Entertainment Hall of Fame, for her lifelong contribution to the arts, her community, and her music.

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