Hodge: Two bands offer a musical synchronicity for columnist

A bundle of old Strange Movies fans made the trek to listen to Don Burnett, Bill Campbell and Gerry Deshayes joined by Mike Ohman.

Ah yes…nothing like some good old rock’n roll from the past to kick in the memory bank and set the toes tapping.

Last Sunday, Tez and I ventured out to Whiski Jacks pub in glorious downtown West Kelowna to take in a reunion of the local legendary band the Strange Movies.

I forgot how much fun I can have when it comes to musical friends and music fans. Whiski’s was pretty darn busy for a Sunday evening as a bundle of old Movies fans made the trek to listen to Don Burnett, Bill Campbell and Gerry Deshayes joined by local guitar maestro Mike Ohman of Beyond Audio.

The group played a bundle of their hits from way back.

Burnett and boys (yes that’s Donny of infamous ‘if he can’t grow it no one can’ lineage) were the Okanagan kings of rock’n  roll back in the mid-1960s and early ’70s. Gosh am I really THAT old?

The foursome, which also once included Jim Wilson and Dan Fervorn, turned out a couple of original 45s and filled the local airways with their songs for a couple of years.

They eventually wound up spending two years in Bermuda as a house band with some visits to New York as well. One year in Bermuda they played an amazing 180 straight nights in a row. Wow.

Big time thanks to Jim LeGuilloux and his talented band for giving up their regular jam night evening to give the Strange Movies. Class act Jimmi.

Ironically, it dawned on me that seeing Donny and Jimmi in the same place at the same time was a personal synchronicity of sorts.

Burnett and the Strange Movies were my inspiration to become involved in the music world for the rest of my life.

Years later, I helped a young musician named Jim LeGuilloux with his first band and in fact his first gig. The fact that more than 25 years later Jimmi offered up his stage for Don’s reunion gig just seemed so fitting.

Speaking of LeGuilloux and crew, if you are looking for great music this weekend his band is performing at the Blue Gator on Saturday night.

Friday night, the Gator has the Young Uns performing so you get to see two of the top Okanagan bands at the same place.


Tez and I have been honoured these past few days with a visit from two of Teresa’s former school chums, Rose Kilpatrick and Mary van Someren.

Mary, Rose and Tez were some of the ‘cooler’ kids that attended John Oliver High School in Surrey. I’ve had a lot of chuckles hearing multiple stories (several which Tez had never revealed—LOL) of their sports escapades, high school heartthrobs, and other sorts of antics and misadventures that we have all gone through during our ‘younger days.’

On Wednesday, we held a little BBQ in the backyard and were joined by Marlene and Greg Lang as well. Marlene is yet another alumnus from John Oliver.

Greg and I smirked a few times at each other as tales of our special girls kept pouring out.

Sounds like ‘TNT, ‘Dimples’, and ‘Apple’ had just about as much fun as I did attempting to grow up.

A bonus was listening to Mary and Rose rave about the various parts of the Okanagan they have enjoyed while holidaying.

Seems a few wine tours have taken place and they were particularly blown away with the beauty and hospitality at Ancient Hills Winery and Gray Monk, with other visits planned for Summerhill, Cedar Creek and Quails’ Gate.

Sounds like more stories are on the way.


If you are looking for other musical events to take in later this week,  check out the Parks Alive show on Wednesday July 31 at the downtown Island Stage The night will begin, as Wednesdays do, with the K96.3 presenting the Emerging Artist Competition, featuring Aidan Mayes and Mandy Cole. Steve Stairs will then bring his folk country sounds, followed by Livy Jeanne around 8 p.m.

Oh yeah, and for goodness sakes slap on some sun protection!


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