Hodge: Valley offers ample reasons why it’s a great place to live

As a spoiled born and raised Okanagan lad, I have sometimes taken for granted just how fortunate we are to live here.

I am sorry to break this thunderbolt thought upon you so quickly, but in case you didn’t know it already, we are totally blessed to live here.

As a spoiled born and raised Okanagan lad, I have sometimes taken for granted just how fortunate we are to live here in the heartland of B.C.

Like many other locals, I often get caught up in the intricacies and personal challenges of life and forget just how lucky I truly am to exist where I do in this game of life.

Teresa and I were reminded a couple times in the past few weeks just how wonderful our Okanagan Valley is to live.

Recently, we drove to Okanagan Falls and the two of us marvelled at the remarkable beauty and diverse, abundant landscape.

We wound up getting wonderfully lost in the lower regions of Kaleeden and Okanagan Falls, before slowly taking the back road behind Dog Lake (Skaha) on the trek home to Kelowna.

It was akin to discovering a completely new world in our own backyard. A great day on the road.

Then last week, we journeyed downtown to listen to some live outdoor music at Kerry Park.

As we stretched out our lawn chairs in the warm and wonderfully open, green setting and listened to amazing live musical talent on a community stage, I once again had to marvel at our good fortune.

Hundreds of music fans were peacefully gathered on the grass enjoying the idyllic scenario.

I could not help but ponder how many of those in the audience had travelled great distances to spend their holiday in our fair town.

For more than an hour, we were entertained by dynamic Canadian musicians—and it cost the crowd absolutely zero dollars to enjoy. Marvellous.

Thankfully, the good tunes and great entertainment is far from finished for the summer.

For instance on Saturday, Aug.18, the very popular and talented Deb Stone Band will host a concert and dance at Kelowna Community Theatre. Make sure and take your dancing shoes as Stone is a tremendous singer with an equally superb band.

Meanwhile, on Aug. 10  also at KCT, gifted Kelowna musician Rann Berry will hold his One Hit Wonder’s showcase.

This will be another show definitely worth the price of admission. I can’t wait.

If golf is your bag then this is your last warning to sign up now for the 7th annual Ugly Jacket Classic Golf Tournament, presented by Bellamy Homes, Your Dollar Store With More, and Country 100.7.

To register for this fabulous and fun fundraiser, go to www.wishcometruesociety.com  or www.gonzoonline.ca.


I am blissfully blaming it all on the cold nights of November but regardless, I seem to be surrounded by a plethora of wonderful people who were born in July.

Step-daughter Lisa was born on July 16 as was dear friend Trudy Janicki.

Foster son Shayne celebrated his birthday on July 17 while my lifelong pal Jim Krahn will celebrate his birth date on July 21.

And step-daughter Shauna came into the world on July 31.

There was another very important date in my life last week.

On July 17, Tez and I celebrated our wedding anniversary and I figure the girl deserves a hero-like award for that. I can barely stand being around me so lord knows how she does it. Happy anniversary sweetheart.

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