How much will it cost to scrap the HST

Time again to throw in two cents (plus tax) worth on this HST debate.

To the editor:

Time again to throw in two cents (plus tax) worth on this HST debate.

Why hasn’t anyone yet put out the figures of what scrapping the HST will be? Why hasn’t Ottawa issued any comments about the B.C. referendum? I believe that scrapping the HST could push B.C. seriously into debt, and turn us from a ‘have’ province into a ‘have-not’.

The referendum alone is tagged at $30 million, according to earlier news reports. Add on TV ads, etc., and all to finally bring back the same tax?

What about the transfer payments we received for accepting the HST? We are to pay that back, and how? This is billions of dollars.

For starters, we should forget about that nice quarterly cheque in the mail for carbon/tax credits. Perhaps we would see a PST/GST tax increase to 14 per cent to compensate for scrapping the HST.

The film industry is one example of who benefits from the HST, because of certain perks. They, and associated tourism, generate untold millions of dollars to B.C. It would be sad to see filmmakers setting up shop in Alberta if our taxes went back to the old system.

It has also been shown that restaurants don’t benefit as much under the HST. So what? No such system is ever perfect. The HST can only benefit the majority, not the entirety.

It is interesting to remember that the HST and transfer payments came during the Vancouver Olympics. These Olympics, remember, came and went “under budget.” I wouldn’t expect any more nice gifts from Ottawa if we turn our backs on the HST.

Another aspect about this anti-HST campaign—look who is leading it. None other than Mr. Vander Zalm. I think we all remember how and why the B.C. electorate tossed him out of office after the scandal with his Fantasy Gardens. Who is he to trust as a leader of anything?

One more unrelated and not so serious comment. You can blame all this weird and miserable weather upon the city of Vancouver and their Canucks hockey team, who are on the edge of winning their first ever Stanley Cup. This is nothing short of absolute proof that Hell itself has finally frozen over. Bring on the rapture.


Art Chaplin, Westbank



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