How will Sun football club changes make it better?

To the editor:

Don’t really know how the Okanagan Sun got better. (Sun Call on Casey, March 9 Capital News.)

They have the exact same coordinators and lost three great assistants in the process. They have replaced them with student coaches that have been coached by Howie (Sun GM Howie Zaron) in the past.

They may have a future in coaching but right now they will be mentoring under the current staff. Championship staff? Also the defensive coordinator has to double up on duties as the head coach so you can’t tell me the defense won’t be affected by this. I know Jason he is a good defenseive coordinator. Can he do both? Time will tell.

He said he hadn’t been on the road recruiting in two years so I guess that’s not a concern. Since this whole thing (firing coach Pete McCall, Sun Coaching Change Tied to Recruiting, Feb. 18 Capital News) has been about recruiting.

Bill Long said: “The coach that we hire, having success and winning championships in the past with other teams is going to be a huge plus for them.”

Don’t know if Jason won a AA High School Championship with Okanagan Mission Secondary School, when he coached there, so I cannot comment on his successes. But he contributed in the shortcomings of the Sun over the past three years. With two head coaches.

So, a little confused. For Howie to say that Pete McCall doesn’t have the “social skills” to talk to young men—he’s a high school teacher and does it everyday. Seriously! Coming from a guy who texts and emails and puts a “!” to show that he is serious. Don’t think he will be teaching any communications classes in the near future.

If there actually was some CIS experienced coaches with all that’s gone on in the last four weeks, to promote the same people that have been or had a stake in not getting over the hump is complete insanity.

Good luck with that championship the GM has guaranteed. There are two types of people that guarantee championships: They are fools and people that have never won one before and don’t understand the dynamics of winning one. So Jason, no pressure!

Mike Crumb,

Sun and CFL alumus


Kelowna Capital News