If opposed to dogs, why picnic at city’s only dog beach?

Dogs are not permitted in Gyro Beach Park, and by now all dog owners should know that.

To the editor:

I’d like to comment on the two recent letters about dogs that appeared Aug. 23.

Dogs are not permitted in Gyro Beach Park, and by now all dog owners should know that.

It’s a pity there are still people who do not come prepared with doggy bags to pick up (feces). Biodegradable doggy poop bags are now sold in all pet supply stores and in big box stores. So there is no excuse.

As to why people have broken the bylaw and have taken their dogs to Gyro Beach, or other downtown beaches, I can offer a couple of possible explanations—hot weather and only one dog beach in Kelowna—Cedar Creek off-leash dog park at the southern tip of the city.

Which brings me to the person who objected to off-leash dogs at Cedar Creek.

Why go to the only dog beach in town for a picnic? Is it not enough that all but one waterfront park are available to you?

Cedar Creek Park is a bit of a drive for me, but whenever I’ve taken my little dog there, people and their dogs are pretty much focused on the lake, retrieving water toys. Dogs may approach other dogs sometimes, but water is the main attraction.

Dog deposits are, admittedly, a problem at Cedar Creek Park. It does not help that there are only four poop bag dispensers, and very little signage to remind people to pick up.

I know that requests for more dispensers and signs were made to parks department but it appears that money is hard to find for that.

There are very few dog owners who do not clean up after their dogs, yet all dog owners are blamed.

We try to lead by example, cleaning up poop, but it is a slow learning curve for those who choose to not stoop and scoop. That is the area where enforcement of the bylaw would help.

Helen Schiele,


Kelowna Capital News