Instant hot water: Too hot for plastic pipes

(A plumber suggested) that an instant hot water system…could exacerbate the breakdown of plastic water lines.

To the editor:

Regarding the letter: Eliminate Hot Water Tanks To Save Water, by Russ Lennstrom, Nov. 19 Capital News. You have recommended the use of “instant” hot water systems to save water.

I agree there is a savings, but there is a caution here. About a year ago it was necessary to replace our ‘poly b’ water lines. When the plumber was here I asked about the instant hot water systems. I had seen the system in use in Britain many years ago and was impressed.

He suggested that the widespread use of “plastic” water lines could be a problem. The instant hot water system, according to the plumber, could exacerbate the breakdown of plastic water lines.

Bill Peckham,


Kelowna Capital News