Institute report aims to embarrass public schools

To the editor:

To the editor:

Re: Alistair Waters’ column, Do The Math, Polygamous Parents Have Numbers On Their Side, Capital News, Feb 9.

A humourous piece of writing…on a serious topic.

I doubt the Bountiful students can spell “polygamy.”

As the court case unfolding in Vancouver shows, most of the children are unaware they live in an “unnatural” world, with one father and sister-wives to their mother.

Professor Donald Gutstein of SFU has researched the Fraser Institute (report’s) results and found that less that half (45 per cent) of the “marks” given for schools are based on the actual FSA results. The rest are made up criteria to produce more “balanced, comparative” results across B.C. schools but actually show the Fraser Institute with its biases. e.g. gender differences are given a 10 per cent ranking difference, an arbitrary and controversial ranking bias.

The Fraser Institute seems intent on embarrassing public schools and promoting private schooling.

Rosalind Kellett