Kelowna is a mess and it’s all council’s fault

I really can’t comprehend why (council) cannot put up a simple street sign for St. Paul Street.

To the editor:

With all the changes for downtown Kelowna on Bernard Avenue, I really can’t comprehend why Mayor Walter Gray/City of Kelowna cannot put up a simple street sign for St. Paul Street so guests of our city, seniors and newbies can find that street.

For myself, yes, I know where St. Paul is, but if one needs to find the bottle recycling place or the good chiropractor I go to on St. Paul and many other businesses, would it not frustrate them not knowing which street to turn down?

And there is another street, just before St. Paul off Bernard, also without a street sign. So I guess the city just wants us to play a guessing game and or just do a half ass job on completion?

I would love to see someone fresh and new in office and more competent with care about what our city looks like overall.

I think it is tiresome and a real shame looking at the graffiti, and the very run-down Bluffs across the lake as it just shows off the laziness.

And what about that vacant, boarded up, graffiti struck former McDonald’s? A terrible eyesore when guests first arrive into our city. You cannot tell me it can’t be bulldozed down so we do not have to look at it anymore. Again, laziness and the “I do not care attitude” is in full effect when these things are left for years and years.

And what about that weed-infested property next to White Spot on Harvey that was a motel but looks condemned and something out of the movie Deliverance?

Come on city, wake up and care about our city as much as your guests and town folk do, please.

The time is upon you to start making some much needed changes around here.

Nol Preen, Kelowna

Kelowna Capital News