Learning from Cuba

Canada has a lot to learn from the struggles of the Cuban people

To the editor:

I know this week is Social Justice Week and among many events planned in the Okanagan is the showing of a film about a great injustice done to the Cuban people.

The film is called “Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up?” The filmmaker, Saul Landau, who has made over 40 documentary films, will be here  to introduce it at 7 p.m. at the Okanagan College theatre on Saturday, Oct. 8.

I am looking forward to seeing this film and learning more about the people of Cuba and their struggles.

Canada has a lot to learn from this small energetic island. I went to Cuba recently on the Che Guevara Volunteer Work Brigade. We worked alongside Cubans in their “organoponicos”—high density organic vegetable plots.

It’s sort of like Kelowna’s community gardens, but there is way more of them, way more production and total government support. I sure was impressed by the Cuban’s strong sense of community and love of life.

I feel like solidarity is a debt of gratitude we owe Cuba for showing a better way.

Eli Nedelec,



Kelowna Capital News