Letnick: Chance to focus on visual aspect of healthy living

Focus on Health panel conversations about health in the Okanagan resume this Saturday, Sept. 14

On Saturday, Sept. 14, at 1 p.m., I am resuming my Focus on Health panel conversations about health in our community.

Each panel discussion takes on a different issue, and with the help of a few talented and experienced experts, we spend time going through how you can keep yourself and your family as healthy as possible. This is the seventh in my ongoing series of panel discussions on health issues important to residents in the Central Okanagan.

Don’t take your eyes for granted. Come and learn what you can do to prevent illnesses to the eyes and understand some of your options should they occur.

Some aspects of eye health are preventative, like wearing sunglasses and seeing your optometrist about any concerns, or getting your eyes checked for problems as you age.

Eye health isn’t an isolated issue, and many times a more broad health issue will be discovered early at the ophthalmologist.

As we age, as most of have experienced with our parents, friends, or relatives, our eyes can develop issues.

The aging process is full of challenges, but learning what to look for is the first step in maintaining healthy eyes and a high quality of life.

Our three guests this week have different backgrounds, including a laser eye surgeon, Dr. Joel Casey, Harvard Graduate and specialist in age-related macular degeneration Dr. Malvinder Hoonjan, and Dr. Louise Myshak, councillor for the B.C. Association of Optometrists.

I’m sure there’s a great deal we can learn and take away from these three and their breadth of experience on Saturday.

Some people attending our past discussions have told me their life was changed.

I hope this discussion on eye health, disease prevention, and treatment options succeeds in helping those who attend to enjoy good vision for longer and all the beauty that God has given us.

The conversation will take place at UBCO in the Engineering, Management & Education Building, in the Lecture Theatre EME 0050.

I know your two eyes won’t want to miss this discussion. Now we just have to convince your two legs to get you there.

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