Letter: 2015 budget overflowing with bribes

Everything Conservative ministers say and do is for one purpose…to re-elect Harper’s authoritarian government.

To the editor:

I’m tired of hearing Stephen Harper’s Conservatives repeat ad nauseam their policies are for the good of all Canadians. Voters should take the time to look past the partisan propaganda and examine the truth. Everything Conservative ministers say and do is for one purpose—to manipulate enough hard-working, law-abiding citizens to re-elect Harper’s authoritarian government. Although I fully support fiscal responsibility, I can not stomach Mister Harper’s devious dictatorial behaviour which is eroding Canada’s democratic institutions and ideals.

The Conservatives’ self-serving overhaul of the Elections Act is a paranoid attack on an agency which exists to prevent deceitful election practises such as campaign over-spending, misleading robo-calls and voter misinformation. Lord help anyone who dares to question the underhanded electoral tactics of Harper’s Conservatives.

Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty’s new budget has been cynically crafted to set the stage for the Conservatives’ upcoming 2015 electioneering budget, which will no doubt be overflowing with generous programs to bribe right-of-center voters.

On the bright side, resource extraction companies will be glad to know Mister Flaherty is not waiting around to go after all those environmental terrorists and organized criminals who are allegedly using charities such as the David Suzuki Foundation to launder dirty money.

Lloyd Atkins,



Kelowna Capital News