Letter: A poem to discourage proceeding with Site C dam

Flood for power? Where's the need? A beautiful province. Why do this harm?

No Site C Dam


We’ve just passed Earth Day

It sounds a lot like worth day

I feel concerned about Site C

Even if it’s sight unseen

I’ve seen pictures, and heard talk

To lose that land would be a shock

The Peace River Valley, so they say

Could feed a million mouths a day

Why put in another dam?

Lush, lush crops, south-facing slope

Dare we do more than hope?

First Nations land, and wildlife too

But Christy cuts out Commission review

Flood for power? Where’s the need?

Lots already. Can’t we heed?

A beautiful province. Why do this harm?

Don’t cut off a good right arm

Kristy or Kristin? Who’ll we back?

No Site C dam—take it back.


R. Michael Kerr, Kelowna