Letter: A story of community for Christmas

A customer made an extra stop, picked the skate up…and took it to my son in time for his game.

To the editor:

Sometimes it takes a village….

I am a single parent and I pride myself on being able to do it all, without having to ask for help, but sometimes…

This past Thursday I needed help to get my son’s skates in for sharpening before he left for a hockey tournament in Osoyoos.  Nana and Papa, as always, were there and took them in to Chevy’s Source for Sports, dropped them on the sharpening counter and went for coffee.  When they came back to pick up the skates they were aghast to find that someone had come in to pick up their own skates and grabbed one of my son’s by mistake.  When I was called and told, I went in to a semi panic mode as my son was leaving Kelowna the next morning at 7:30 a.m. for the team’s first game in Osoyoos at 11 a.m.  With no way to contact the person who grabbed the wrong skate, we had to just wait until they realized the mistake.  As the day wore on, no skate.  I went from semi panic to panic that my son would have no skates for the week end.  Chevy at Source for Sports to the rescue.  They fitted my son with a brand new pair of high end Bauer skates to wear for the week end! Now, Chevy didn’t have to do this as it really wasn’t their fault the mistake was made but he is hockey though and through and know’s how important it is to be on the ice.  The next day, Friday at 12:50 p.m., the person that picked up the skate by mistake returned it to Chevy’s and I got the call.  Now, how to get it to Osoyoos.  Turns out that a customer of mine whose son plays on an opposing team was leaving for Osoyoos at 1 p.m.  She made an extra stop, picked the skate up at Chevy’s Source and took it to my son in time for his game at 8 p.m. Whew!!  Time to exhale.

Huge thank you to Chevy’s Sources for Sports, Lisa at Solid Gold Collision, Dave, assistant coach for the Midget Tier 3 Jr. Rockets and as always, Nana and Papa.  Without this small village this past weekend my son would not have gotten to, or been able to play in this tournament.  And to the person who picked up the wrong skate:  You had me stressed for a while, but thank you for returning it as soon as you could.  We all make mistakes.

Merry Christmas.

Vicki Glabvus

PS: The boys won the tournament!


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