Letter: A veteran’s question

Corruption and liars occupy most seats of Canadian government, making our sacrifices hollow

Letter: A veteran’s question

When we put our lives on the line to protect Canadian values and a way of life from tyranny, does it really matter?

In the 1960s and ’70s, during the so-called cold war, I along with my mates put our lives in harm’s way in military service to Canada and what we believed were honourable values to be protected; only to learn in later years we were naive and had been betrayed by the very governments we were protecting.

In more recent years I have discovered that corruption and liars occupy most seats of Canadian government, making our sacrifices hollow and worthless.

When the governing authorities forced a fraudulent alleged Constitution on us in 1982 without public access and referendum (which of course is a required element and hallmark of any people’s democratic lawful constitution) and including a fictitious Confederation of 1867, we veterans of Canada were dishonored and humiliated.

The central Parliament of Canada should be ashamed, attempting to celebrate a 150 year old lie, an event that never actually happened according to historical records hidden in Canada’s archives, and other recognized sources.

A little known commissioned parliament study was conducted in 1935/45 on the Quebec Resolution Bill 1864; the London Bill 1866 and BNA Act Bill 1867 which the alleged Confederation is based on. The results became part of the documented speeches of Parliament 1977 by Walter F. Kuhl MP.

The final conclusion of the commission and law officials are as follows. These are paraphrased.

1) Canada was never lawfully Confederated in 1867 under the BNA Act, or after.

2) The BNA Act was created by Edward Cardwell and Law Officers of the Crown; without the participation or approval of Canada. When passed by The Imperial Parliament (England) it became only a private bill and statute, therefore it could not lawfully become either a constitution or a Confederation.

3) The BNA Act forcibly replaced the London Bill 1866 which was created and presented by John A. MacDonald and the delegates which would have made Canada sovereign and a Confederated Federal Union.

4) The BNA Act (statute) merely attempted to join the four colonial provinces into one dominion still a British possession, not sovereign, not confederated.

5) John A. MacDonald described the BNA Act as a statute and a British farce in official letters to Dr. Tupper chairman of the Canadian delegates 1867.

6) 31,000 in Nova Scotia petitioned against it, and Quebec has never agreed to it nor do any provinces officially recognize it to date.

All this flies in the face of the government propaganda machine attempting to re-write Canadian history and hide the factual truth for obvious reasons. It is much more than an insult; it is a national tragedy that must be exposed and corrected, not celebrated.

R. Jack Bradcoe,

A Canadian Navy Veteran and Patriot for a real Canada.