Letter: A voice to counter senior centre negativity

The new Parkinson Activity Centre is a beautiful addition that is providing for the enjoyment of adults in Kelowna.

To the editor:

Just recently as I was at the new Parkinson Activity Centre I was reminded again of the beautiful addition this new venue is providing for the enjoyment of adults in Kelowna.

Driving up to the centre there is a generous amount of parking space right in front of the entrance. The building is surrounded by a huge wrap-around deck with lush greenery beyond and near the entrance comfortable seating arrangements covered with fresh green umbrellas to enjoy the outdoors with other members.

The generous foyer provides another lovely seating area to mix and mingle over coffee or lunch served by cheerful volunteers.

I started with an hour of terrific physio instruction in a beautiful and spacious exercise room. While doing my exercise on the floor I marvelled over the beautiful woodwork incorporated in the finish of the ceiling.

Afterwards I enjoyed a lovely soup for lunch out on the sunny terrace under one of the colourful umbrellas while meeting up with kindred spirits.

I understand there have been some negative letters to the editor about the uprooting of the ‘good old’ Water Street Senior Centre to this new home next to Parkinson Rec. Centre.

OK, the new PAC is not downtown or near the lake but the new location has it’s own merits. It is centrally located, has lots of parking space, is surrounded by beautiful greenery and has a large park out back including a number of tennis courts.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the new PAC and know I will frequent this fabulous facility more often.

PAC is a fine addition to the enjoyment for adults in Kelowna and I hope some of the reluctant individuals will come to enjoy it as well.

Ella van Dinther,