Letter: Albas’ view of federal ministers myopic

So, if one supports (certain) organization…chances are one’s name might end up on such an enemies list.

To the editor:

In his latest MP Report, (Who Heads Up a Federal Ministry Matters To Us All, July 18 Capital News), Mr. Albas relates how two federal ministers magnanimously listened to and acted on concerns he submitted.

Average voters, in their innocence, might have thought that this is exactly what ministers are appointed to do.

As it became public, however, in the latest cabinet shuffle, federal ministers are now provided with a “list of enemies.”

One can imagine, based on previous descriptions by ministers, Canadians who are:

• Concerned about the environment as “foreign-paid eco-terrorists’

• Opposed to have their electronic communications monitored without a court order as “being on the side of the child pornographers”

• Opposed to the political takeover of the CBC by “cultural elites”

• Anyone who is not a member of the CPC;

will end up on such a list.

So, if one supports any organization such as Amnesty International, Doctors without Borders, Friends of the CBC, is or ever has been a member of a union, subscribes to Science magazine, and so on, chances are one’s name might end up on such an enemies list.

One can think of a long list of heads of government in certain countries who have established such lists.

Except for President Nixon, however, none of the countries were Western-type democracies.

Harri Henschler,

West Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News