Letter: An Ode to Rev. Albert

You came to my Qigong-Tai Chi classes at the senior’s centre

I watched you moving with the group, flowing in meditative bliss



You had a twinkle in your eyes,

laughter in your belly,

and words dancing in your head

as you did the Parkinson’s hip hop



You wrote me a heartfelt poem

then you were gone



Did you think that I was the smooth talking silver-tongued devil,

beguilding you into a cult?



Now you’re in Heaven,

free from suffering

I can picture you standing in front of God

and with a mischievous smile on your face saying

“Hey God, why did you inflict me with Parkinson’s disease?

“Were you planning to send down a 21st century bullet proof Jesus to heal me?

“Well, I beat you to the punch



“Jeez God, it’s so quiet and peaceful up here,

“let’s strike up a band and rock & roll!”

Hajime Harold Naka



Kelowna Capital News