Letter: Angry parent chides BC/Hockey Canada

The reason people are “leaving” for private leagues and academies is because the minor hockey system is broken.

Open letter to Barry Petrachenko, BC Hockey executive director:

With regards to the  BC Hockey Bulletin issue no. 2014-012:

I find it offensive that BC Hockey and Hockey Canada thinks they somehow own our kids. This is a free country and people can choose to do what they wish with their kids and this sanction is clearly a violation of people’s rights.

Am I entitled to put my kids in soccer while they are playing hockey? Are there any other sports that they are no longer entitled to play in?

If I am not prohibited from playing other sports, then certainly BC Hockey or Hockey Canada have no right to tell me what recreation activity my child does on his own free time.

Hockey Canada is trying to heavy-handily put an end to other leagues and programs clearly because they feel threatened by the growth and expansion of such programs.

In the bulletin it states:

“The teams who make up these “leagues” operate in this fashion because they do not agree with the existing overall vision of Hockey Canada. They profess to have a better program yet often operate without a constitution, by-laws, create their own rule book and may not provide adequate insurance for their participants.”


I am confused as to when people lost their right to disagree with something, and who says they disagree? Most if not all of the people who run these programs are also involved in minor hockey in varying capacities and do support minor hockey in many ways. Every program that I am aware of has more than adequate insurance as it’s a requirement to participate.

In the future please do some research before you make such inaccurate blanket statements.

The reason people are “leaving” for private leagues and academies is because the minor hockey system is broken. It’s not always about the development, it’s about the fairness, accountability and having well-managed programs and organizations.

Penticton just found out there was a $300,000 embezzlement scheme going on for years.

Kelowna funds have been questionably spent.

Vernon is embroiled in a legal battle with its director of hockey operations, and that’s just three associations within 50 km of each other in the Okanagan.

How dare you make the claim that “Hockey Canada offers the best development programs worldwide” when there is so much corruption and in-fighting with people trying to serve their own agendas. Somewhere in all of this people have forgot about the kids.

Hockey Canada and BC Hockey are fiddling while Rome burns.

If you are so concerned about the growth of “rogue” hockey, instead of being critical of their programs and trying to discredit them, maybe you should get out of your comfy chair and consider taking a hard look at your own programs and governance models. Maybe you will learn something about what is truly going on.

Kim Dobranski,



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