Letter: Avoiding unsubstantiated opinions

Letter writer takes exception to the tone of previous letter to the Kelowna Capital News

To the editor:

In response to the letter from Doug Mehus of West Kelowna

It is interesting that Mr. Mehus is partially correct in noting that constituency offices serve two major functions in providing a location for constituents to meet with their MLA on a particular issue or to facilitate connection between local citizens with relevant government offices. It is unfortunate that the rest of the letter from Mr. Mehus is so downbeat and cynical, even to the point he feels compelled to denigrate even the place he resides. I respect both Kelowna and West Kelowna for the active cities they are, and by the way they serve their citizens as they do.

I have full respect for those public servants I have dealt with in that they genuinely care about how they serve the public. That being said, they are non-partisan as pointed out by Mr. Mehus and will of necessity deal with the direction which comes from Victoria. Provincial public servants such as Enquiry BC must take into account those directions and what is deemed best for the entire province as well as the enquirers questions. Constituency offices provide an opportunity to enable local constituents to communicate directly with their MLA should their concerns inadvertently fall through the cracks. In addition, from my experience, these local offices allow those constituents to connect directly with the various local ministry departments should a more directed focus be appropriate.

Further, I believe that the thinking that there is no need to communicate with local elected representatives of the city you live in, your provincial MLA, or your federal MP is saying essentially we do not need to elect these people. That is saying we just need to have a central entity which gives unfettered and unchecked direction to civil servants to be used without consideration for local issues. That thinking is trending towards dictatorship.

Stating that something is a “basket case” when others see vibrant entities suggests that the one criticizing has not made an effort to work with people to understand the workings of what that person deems to be that “basket case.” In other words, that person is not too effective with working with people. It would be my strong suggestion that such a person make a better effort to find all the facts and information, work with people, and avoid unsubstantiated opinions without backing them up with those facts.

Jim Edgson, Vernon

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