Letter: Bad place chosen for West Kelowna municipal hall

Residents will have to travel to almost the southern boundary [of West Kelowna] to use these facilities.

To the editor:

Stormy waters ahead, as West Kelowna’s district council has a chosen a favoured site for the new Municipal Hall.

And where is their favoured site? Well it’s in downtown Westbank of course. Not even remotely central for residents.

No, residents will have to travel to almost the southern boundary to use these facilities. For many of us, the Kelowna City Hall would be closer.

I am sure the We Love Westbank community is ecstatic. Their tissue waving campaigns since the District of West Kelowna’s formation in late 2007 have quite possibly paid off.

But one should remember that only 51.1 per cent were in favour of incorporation over the amalgamation with the City of Kelowna. It is my belief that many voters stayed home at that time because they thought amalgamation was a done deal.

I strongly believe that is supported by the turnout, roughly a year later, that rejected Westbank as a possible name and chose West Kelowna instead.

Mayor Findlater appears to be advocating a referendum on the location, but whether he has council’s support is another matter. Without a referendum, it would be my opinion that the We Love Westbank and Save Historical Westbank supporters have achieved their objective.

Without a referendum, I would suggest DWK’s northern border means absolutely nothing to the DWK council, and those living north of Daimler or Bartley and Hwy. 97 South would be better served by linking ourselves with the City of Kelowna.

Somebody suggested the Bartley and Hwy. 97 South area, near Byland’s [for the municipal hall]. Why not appease no one and steer a neutral course. It could be much safer.


David W. Kuhn,

West Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News