Letter: Blatant gas price setting needs answers

Ron Cannan: Your constituents will want a reply from you, not a staffer.

Open letter to, Kelowna-

Lake Country Conservative

MP Ron Cannan:

For some long time now the residents of the Okanagan Valley have been subjected to blatant price fixing and gouging at the gas pumps. All this has taken place under your nose,and your Conservative government, without one thing being done about it. While the rest of the country enjoys gasoline prices of between 88 cents and $1 per litre, we in the Okanagan are being taken to the cleaners.

It is my understanding under sections 45, 46 and 48 of the Federal Competition Act, agreements between competitors to fix prices falls under these sections and therefore warrant immediate investigations.

One would have to be a blind man not to see what is being done here in the Okanagan Valley.

Therefore, I would like to pose to you a couple of very simple and direct question that require simple, direct and honest answers:

1.  As we, the taxpayers, are paying your exorbitant salary, expenses and benefits,to look after our best interests here in the Okanagan Valley, we would like to know why you have not initiated an investigation into the price fixing of gasoline ?

2. Why have you allowed such blatant activities to continue ?

3. Why are the oil companies, gas distributor and gas stations allowed to collaborate without your government stepping in and doing something about it?

4. When will you request a thorough investigation be initiated?

Your constituents will want a reply from you,not a staffer, as to when you will open a file into this criminal activity as soon as possible.

lan Maclean, Kelowna


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