Letter: Building proposal could set precedent

They want to build three massive condo complexes with heights of 13, 15 and 19 stories



To the editor:

The Mission Group is putting forth a submission to the City of Kelowna that would change the face of the Kelowna shoreline forever.

Aqua Resort is slated to be built on the lake at the corner of Lakeshore and Truswell Road between the Eldorado Hotel and Mission Creek. Although the building design does offer some beneficial public amenities, the height variance being requested is staggering. They want to build three massive condo complexes with heights of 13, 15 and 19 stories. This building plan also includes an additional four-storey boat warehouse for 200 boats.

Currently, the tallest buildings on the lake are The Imperial Condo, The Eldorado and Manteo resorts ranging between four and six stories. The Aqua Resort proposal of buildings between 13 and 19 stories will block the views of the lake, the mountains and the skyline for the residents of the area and for the citizens of Kelowna. But even more disconcerting, if city council grants this height variance, it will be precedent setting and could open the door for many more high-rise complexes built on the lake and blocking access for the public to enjoy the lake and the mountain views.

Yes Kelowna is a growing city requiring more densely populated areas and residences. But, please, not right on the lake. Buildings on the lake should be held to only six stories and buildings taller than that should be reserved for lots set well back from the lake and, in this case, for lots east of Lakeshore Road.

Please let city council know your thoughts.

Gary and Nancy Marlatt, Kelowna

Editor’s note: This proposal must first acquire rezoning from the City of Kelowna before applying for a height variance. The rezoning application is slated to go before city council for the first time at its April 10, 2017 meeting.