Letter: Cannan: Get a spine and speak on our behalf

Gather some personal courage, and speak up on our behalf. Be your own man and loudly call on Mr. Harper to abolish the senate now.

To the editor:

What person fortunate enough to be living in a free society, (except for a member of the Communist Party), would volunteer away their right to democratically elect the people who make the laws that control that society? Certainly not me. Certainly not any conservative voter.

My father served in Europe during WWII to protect my right to democracy.

After reading PM Looks to Supreme Court for Direction on Senate Reform (Ron Cannan’s MP’s Report, May 28 Capital News), it is clear that Ron Cannan, Conservative MP for Kelowna-Lake Country, is among those who would have us continue have our democratic right to elect our lawmakers be granted to another man—he being the prime minister of the day, Mr. Harper.

In his cut-and-paste opinion piece, Mr. Cannan offers the view of a changed senate. The Canadian tax payer would be granted by government the “democratic selection of senate nominees.” How dare this bootlicker, Mr. Cannan, think that the electorate is so stupid as to accept his notion as democratic? From those who would be nominated for such a senate process, the prime minister would once again select his favourite brownnoser who would support Mr. Harper’s laws, in return for a guaranteed tax-paid luxurious lifestyle.

Dear Mr. Cannan, what you describe as reform and democracy is the exact system used by communist dictators all over the world to implement their plans. We have elected you for more than enough years to guarantee you a fine federal government retirement. Do us all a favour and get off of your knees, gather some personal courage, and speak up on our behalf. Be your own man and loudly call on Mr. Harper to abolish the senate now.

Sandy Prichard,



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