Letter: Challenge to donate to a local food bank

Is my bag going to be the only bag of food in the food bank donation boxes?

To the editor:

I am really amazed at how people respond to a donation in lieu of an entrance fee.

I went to the landing of Santa for the children at Bylands where there were  boxes set aside for donations to the food bank and there was nothing in any of the boxes.

The note on the box said: $15 or a donation to the food bank.

Did every one of those families give a cash donation or why were the food bank boxes empty?

If everyone donated just a little there would be an abundance of food. So important, not just at Christmas but throughout the year.

I don’t like to think that there are a lot of selfish people who can’t spare anything at all—even one item will help.

I have never been to the food bank so I don’t know what is needed, I just noticed other food bank boxes are empty as well.

Is my bag going to be the only bag of food in the boxes?

I would like to challenge all the people of West Kelowna to drop an item or two in one of the available food bank boxes placed around West Kelowna.

Gladys Hill,

West Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News