Letter: Claim ‘Bluff’ eyesore will be bulldozed

Kelowna city council can…show they care about ugly vacated buildings in and directly around Kelowna’s city limits.

To the editor:

Some good news to share with all those who just are so very tired, like myself, of having to look at the ton of eye sores throughout and around the city of Kelowna.

I have been in talks for several weeks now with the Westbank First Nations government about the status of the very vacant and graffiti riddled Bluffs that still stand after all these years of inactivity and terrible weathering/aging.

Let me please report, and with excitement, that Stephanie with administration of First Nations has been a real pleasure to deal with. She has kept me informed on any new meetings that have finally taken place after all these years and I am more than happy to report that it is now in the works to get the horrible eye sore bulldozed down this coming spring.

Now to work on Kelowna city council next. They can learn a little from Westbank First Nations who do show they care about the far too many super ugly vacated buildings in and directly around Kelowna’s city limits.

I have, in the past, addressed this to the city council at hand, whether it was [mayor Walter] Gray or [mayor Sharon] Shepherd and each time I was never replied back to and snubbing just has never worked with me, I prefer proactivity rather than plain ignorance.

This new development is very good news and I am happy to share with everyone who does care and not just turn a blind eye to it all for years and years.

Join the cause and voice your opinion. (On Facebook simply search “Kelowna’s Horrible Eye Sores” and please like this brand new page and share it to get some proactive action finally for the removal of a good number of examples listed on that page.

N. Preen



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