Letter to editor

Letter: Combine the tourist centre with the yacht club

Keowna letter writer says why didn’t anyone think of this sooner

To the editor:

Richard Drinnan is usually spot on with his analyses and he certainly got it completely right in his recent letter titled visitor info centre should go in the yacht club.

This is one of the most logical ideas that I have heard in years. The yacht club needs financial assistance, likely has space for a tourist centre, is located almost next door to where the Tourist information centre is proposed to be built and is a very attractive building.

Combining them in some manner should be a win/win situation for all parties including the general public who will not have their view blocked by an unnecessary building right on the waterfront.

My only question is why did someone in the yacht club not bring this idea up during the public hearing for the tourist centre?”

Bob Whitehead, Kelowna