Letter: Community beautification needs help

Trailblazers need top quality topsoil and helping hands for community flower garden near Kelowna's Meadowbrook.

To the editor:

Kings Garden on the Rails and Trails is seeking assistance from the community.

Six years ago my friend and myself started out with a vision to bring life and beauty to a desolate place between Spall Road and Hardy Street, directly behind Meadowbrook condominiums. It was just a dusty, dirt road surrounded by weeds and rock.

The vision has grown immensely since the opening of Rails and Trails.

The garden is a labour of live and enjoyment to the community as they walk, run and ride along this pathway.

We have been able to bless the community with bouquets of flowers over the past five years.

Our vision is still much bigger but we are at this point needing a few truck loads of topsoil to replenish the earth. Bringing in bags of fertilizer and soil in each year to try and maintain is becoming increasingly difficult.

Meadowbrook Condominium Strata has graciously provided the water for sustaining the plants.

If you have a heart for this vision we we would be pleased to hear from you. And if you have a desire to share your gardening talents we welcome you. The contact number is 250-860-3463.

We received an award for Best Guerrilla Garden last year from the City of Kelowna.

Alma Ingbritson and Coleen McClain,


Kelowna Capital News