Letter: Cringe at Fletcher’s opinion

Mr. Fletcher’s column ‘Hippy Science is Easy, and Wrong’ is both erroneous, misleading and ill-researched.

To the editor:

Do you think the Capital News’s journalistic integrity is buoyed by publishing biased, compromised and ‘paid for’ journalistic opinion from someone whose boss is a privately owned publishing company (Black Press) with obvious corporate and political alignments (Enbridge and BC Liberal Party) aimed at furthering the owner’s personal wealth and political power (David Black)?

Mr. Fletcher’s article ‘Hippy Science is Easy, and Wrong,’ along with most of his mainly offensive opinion pieces, is both erroneous, misleading and ill-researched. Not to mention incredibly insulting to those that have and are suffering from the toxic downstream effects of pollutants from the tar sands entering the Athabasca River in Alberta.

I find it astounding that you would allow a journalist with little to no journalistic integrity to have such a prominent place on your Opinion page. Shouldn’t this page offer a varied and diverse range of opinion rather than a consistent right wing rant from Mr. Fletcher who is anti anything not provided and pushed by the conservative, corporate and industrial complex that seem to have gained a strangle hold on this country and much of it’s media?

His mash up of topics and confusion of the issues related to them is astounding. For example, comparing quality proven detoxs with soup diets, and vitamin supplements with ‘bleeding by leechs’

Mr. Fletcher has obviously decided that ‘the facts’ for him are supplied and need no support, and that personal choice and civil liberty are unimportant and a holistic, and a natural and conservation-based approach to my own life, or life on this planet, is a waste of time. Particularly if it doesn’t increase economic growth, add to the coffers of politically aligned corporations with the same rights as people, or continue to strengthen the status quo of the ‘industrial development at all costs’ mentality that threatens the health of the environment and the people living in it.

I am sick to death of Mr. Fletcher’s feckless, biased and misleading opinion pieces and wish you would temper his right wing extremism with some open minded, innovative opinion that may actually make your readers think deeply rather than cringe with disgust.

Matthew J Hanson, Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News