Letter: Criticism over final decision on Hiawatha development

Leaves me to ask who is really caring for our city?

To the editor:

How fortunate for council that the timing of the meeting on approval of Hiawatha nicely forbade attendance of the ‘thinking’ public.

Such an orchestration of bias was appalling to behold. Is it possible some $10 million to the city might have a bearing?

A tediously long amount of hemming and hawing preceded the mayor and majority of councillors approving this enormous overbuild.

Only city councillors Robert Hobson and Mohini Singh truly represented the public in voting no, unless the size was reduced. Heaven help us with the rest of them.

Following approval came a happy discussion over the 20-odd year build time.

This magically seemed to remove any real concern over the inevitable traffic and population gridlock in this already greatly constricted area—although suggestions seemed to consider cutting routes through established neighbourhoods.

Leaves me to ask who is really caring for our city?

Joy Lambrick,



Kelowna Capital News