Letter: Cultural experiences are going under the radar

Where were all the music lovers of Kelowna? We only get a few of these Front Row Centre events.

To the editor:

This is not about a Visitor Centre in City Park or HOV lanes but about bringing pleasure to many who are obviously unaware.

As one of the 10 people experiencing an amazing event on Sept. 7 at the Orchard Plaza Cineplex, I count myself very fortunate. It was a live feed by satellite of the BBC Last Night of the Proms 2013. Marin Alsop, an American conductor, became the first women to conduct this special event. Nigel Kennedy, the most unusual violinist you will ever see, and Joyce DiDonato, a superb American soprano, starred.

This program was broadcast live to thousands around the world and people gathered in massive numbers in Hyde Park, Belfast and Caephilly to experience it outdoors on big screens.

Where were all the music lovers of Kelowna? We only get a few of these Front Row Centre events because of such poor audience attendance. Vernon gets more than we do.

Let’s make this change. This week Saturday, Sept. 14 at 12.55 p.m. you can see Becoming Traviata where French soprano Natalie Dessay takes us from the beginning to the premiere. People, please come and support these amazing cultural performances.

We will also be getting 10 operas showing live performances direct from the Metropolitan Opera House in New York starting Oct. 5, at 9:55 a.m., with Eugene Onegin. These operas star the best in the world and you see interviews, backstage movement and closeups you would never see anywhere else.

I do not own shares in Cineplex or the Met Opera I just would like Kelowna citizens, music students and theatre lovers to be aware of what wonderful things they can experience right on their own doorstep.

Carole Bridges,



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