Letter: Curb pollution before imposing carbon tax

Letter: Curb pollution before imposing carbon tax

To the editor:

Our federal government hires about 40 scientists to produce “their” view of climate change.

These scientists know where their paycheque comes from so they make sure their boss receives the “news” they were hired for.

Regarding climate, the world’s climate has never been “normal,” it has always been in constant flux.

This is a fact.

We think in terms of 100 years, but our climate has been here for millions of years and has always been in flux—changing.

Three hundred years ago, we experienced a minor ice age, and 10,000 years ago we had two-kilometre thick ice covering in the northern part of the world.

Our government scientists do not talk about this because it is not in the ”present” as this is the focus of the government to have something to tax—i.e. PM Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax.

Sure, climate is changing. It always is, but do you really think carbon tax is going to alter this?

I have lakeshore property in Rutland to sell you—no carbon tax there.

I would ask Trudeau why the focus on climate change? This is the easy way out. Try focusing on pollution if you want to be popular.

With all the chemical manufacturing going on, plastics and so on, we do not have a plan to deal with pollution of water, air and soil.

Most of the public do not know what pollution is produced just to make white toilet paper for their rear-end comfort.

The focus is on the wrong end: A carbon tax is not the answer—curbing pollution first is.

Jorgen Hansen