Letter: Don’t let one dictate to 1500+ dog owners

All we asked for was a fence at the top so, just in case, you know, that unthinkable happens.

To the editor:

To a dog owner, the Gellatly Park dog beach was one of the highlights of a good weekend, allowing the dog to play in the water, play with other dogs, play with kids, play with me, play with you, responsibly, safely, in a nice local area.

All we asked for was a fence at the top so, just in case, you know, that unthinkable thing that nobody wants to admit, a dog doesn’t realize that the top of the hill is a 50 km/h, 5,000 lb piece of metal that cannot stop in time and may end the life of the innocent and loved little life.  The dogs do not know this, but the owners do.

Yes, dogs have lives too. Lets let them live.

If, in the future, Boucherie is upgraded to have that beautiful walking path along the side of the road like WFN has been nice enough to provide, can we have that go all the way to the new beautiful upgraded part near the wharf? Can we put a fence on the edge of that path to prevent walkers, joggers, cyclists and yes, cars, from getting in the way of the dogs who are having the time of their lives on the beach?

The one out of 1,523 joggers or walkers who is afraid of dogs should not force the 1,522 others to just give up on the dog park completely due to its incredibly small size.

Right now the dog park has gone from approximately 40 feet wide by 250 feet long, to about 5 ft by 250 ft, less in some places, more in others. I call that a sliver where I come from.

Again, there is a better way.

Take the high road, District of West Kelowna, please. Don’t give in to the loudest voice, let the majority tell you what is really wanted, like a real democracy should do.

Tyler Fuller,

West Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News