Letter: Election change not necessary

Look at the wolf in sheep’s clothing with his negativity and lack of vision



To the editor:

I have been observing carefully the interesting TV ads featuring John Horgan. What stands out is his attempt to draw attention away from the NDP while not providing information and specifically how they will pay for what they are promising. This reminds me of a suitor for the hand of a beautiful woman being told how to court her by giving her candies, chocolates and making promises he doesn’t intend to keep.

In this election some people state they want change. Change to what? Fewer jobs from the record number being created now? Businesses shutting down rather than a business friendly environment encouraging them to thrive? Higher personal income taxes for middle class families rather than the low ones we have now? People leaving B.C. rather than coming back here to good jobs? Fewer educated people than the many we are now training? Less jobs for those educated people than the jobs being developed now? Change to what?

If you haven’t already, I would seriously recommend you take a moment to watch the NDP ads. Look at the wolf in sheep’s clothing with his negativity and lack of vision. Ask yourself how the NDP will pay for all their vague plans and what the true cost of those plans would be. The BC Liberals have fully costed their plans and are upfront about them. It is time for the NDP to be forthright about how they will have us pay for all the stuff they are planning.

Anne Edgson, Vernon