Letter: Evidence-free government policies

The pharmaceutical companies are making billions of dollars and everyone who gets a flu shot contributes.

To the editor:

I believe there is much money to be made by government and pharmaceutical companies promoting flu vaccine’s. Dr Tom Jefferson, of the Cochrane Respiratory Infections Group, called Dr. Perry Kendall (chief health officer for B.C.) a tyrant for enforcement of masks. (Vancouver Sun, Nov 2012.)

On average the vaccines prevent the loss of half a working day. Jefferson goes on to say there is no evidence in any literature that the vaccine avoids person-to-person spread as Kendall seems to imply. Another of his statements shows just how ideologically-driven his policies are. “When asked how many patients die each year because they pick up viruses like the flu, Kendall said he didn’t know because the information is not routinely collected.”

If he does not know how many people die because of influenza, how does he know it’s a problem of such proportion to justify coercive policies? Is Canadian cash being well spent?

Jefferson goes on to say: “The inactivated vaccines should work in theory, just like many things work in theory, but real evidence suggests they (vaccines) are not having the desired effect. So far we have distortion of research findings, evidence-free statements and evidence-free policies supporting coercion of human beings. He asks what next?

This is frightening, thanks to Christy Clark and her minister Dr. Perry Kendall. The pharmaceutical companies are making billions of dollars and everyone who gets a flu shot contributes. Oh, and by the way, Dr. Danuta Skowronski, flu expert at BC Centres for Disease Control in Vancouver stated (Zoomer magazine January 2014) that for reasons not entirely clear, the flu shot appears to be especially poor at protecting seniors.

She says, the flu virus is constantly changing, its evolution at warp speed. As long as that’s the case, we will always be playing a losing game trying to guess which strain will take over in the following season.

Someone is lying to us. By telling lies over and over, people come to believe them. Repetition is a persuader—repetition creates the illusion of authority and truth. Truth itself does not persuade as often as repetition does.

Flu vaccine advertising is everywhere, over and over till many believe they will die without the shot.


D. Janes, Kelowna



Kelowna Capital News