Letter to the editor

Letter: Evolutionists should read Darwin’s book

Kelowna writer says you will see that it doesn’t stand up to modern scientific fact

To the editor:

I read Mr. Ferguson’s letter and three letters published in response to it. I felt compelled to answer some of their ideas.

It is said that “Christians cannot claim an exclusive right to morality” and that atheists can live moral lives, but having studied both the scientific side and the atheist side, I can say that the non-religious side can claim no basis for morality. Atheists can do good, but they can not define what good really is. Christianity has clearly listed what good is, and no atheist I have spoken to has been able to define good without referring to the same biblical principles I do.

Many of the people who claim to believe in evolution have never even read the book that it, and their own beliefs, are based on; they only believe what some authority told them is true. If you claim to believe in evolution, please read Charles Darwin’s book and try to align his theory with what we know of modern genetics. I am sure that you will see that it doesn’t stand up to modern scientific fact. I challenge anyone to honestly look at the claims of science and the claims of Christianity, like former God-haters Josh McDowell, Lee Strobel, and J. Warner Wallace all did.

And if world-changing scientist such as Einstein, Faraday, Kelvin, Newton and Francis S. Collins can trust in science and God, I am not really sure how you can say science has trumped religion.

Chris Huber, Kelowna