Letter: Favourite RCMP officer transferred to Kelowna

Officer James Vancamp, has been stationed in Kelowna. We miss him already.

Dear Kelowna,

Our loss is your gain.

I believe i speak for most of the community of Ucluelet when i say we just lost one of our favourite neighbours.

Officer James Vancamp, has been stationed in kelowna.

We miss him already.

Please treat him great.

He’s cheery, informative, easy to talk to, he sure did so much for our town, that I, Hitchhike Mike, who most of my life felt against organizations like the RCMP, am thankful as can be for everything James did for our town.

One thing he taught me for sure, is we are all on the same side.

We all want a safe place to live, free of harassment from all sides of the law.

So please, be well behaved, Kelowna, so that James can come back home often.


Mike Giteman,



Kelowna Capital News